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Champs is a play-and-earn multiplayer sports simulation metaverse in which you own and manage a sports team, can lead it to glory, and earn money while playing.

Using the full power of the polygon blockchain, and its minimal gas fees, all teams will be minted NFTs and you will be the true owner of the team and assets.

We strive to create immersive and addictive games that people can enjoy and spend hours playing, and today, for the first time in history, you can now actually be rewarded for your time and generate a real income for playing.

The CHAMPS metaverse will include several sport games, starting with Basketball CHAMPS and Football CHAMPS.

Basketball CHAMPS

Basketball CHAMPS is the first game launched on the CHAMPS metaverse where you will become the owner of a basketball team (ERC-721 NFT), and try to lead it to glory by managing all aspects of it:

· Hiring and upgrading coaches to reach their full potential.
· Recruiting and training players to reach their full potential.
· Setting the team’s game-day strategy.
· Utilizing the team’s facilities to maximize performance.

You will have countless options to play and earn:

You can focus on upgrading your NFT team by recruiting better players and coaches, improving facilities, and promoting your team to higher tiers, thus making your team more valuable.

You can also try to take a more competitive approach and focus on earning tokens (ERC-20) by winning games and as many championships as possible.

And ultimately, you can take a different route where you recruit young stars, train them, and then capitalize by selling your now upgraded players or coaches to other users on the CHAMPS marketplace.

The General Manager

This is you.

As a general manager (GM), you will be a character in the CHAMPS metaverse as well. You have a GM level, which is your overall grade in the CHAMPS metaverse.

Winning games, championships, completing goals or achievements, and setting records will earn you XP and help you level up.

As your GM improves, you will in turn be rewarded with game tokens, unlockable features, XP cards to level up players and coaches, and other perks in the future.

The coolest part about our metaverse is that your GM will be used across all CHAMPS sim games, meaning that rewards that you will gain by playing one game can be used in any of them. We’ve got Football CHAMPS coming up, so take the time to develop your GM with our basketball release to get an edge in future games.

You will be able to play the game in multiple roles.

Owner+General Manager (GM)

As the owner of the team (the NFT), you will also be the GM by default. That means you will handle everything: managing facilities, hiring and training coaches, recruiting and training players, player sales and purchases, setting lineups, game-day strategies, and playing games. It will be a one-man show if you choose this role.

Owner (Coming Soon)

As the owner of the team (the NFT), you could “hire” another user as a GM to manage the day-to-day operations of your team. That includes training coaches, training players, setting lineups, game-day strategies, and playing games.

If you choose this role, you will still handle the major operations of your team: recruiting players, hiring coaches, and managing facilities. (In the future, we might add the option to delegate some of these tasks as well).

For the duration of his contract, the GM will receive a share (determined by the contract/terms you agreed with the GM) of the token winnings.

General Manager (Coming Soon)

As a GM, you do not need to own an NFT to play the game. You could be “hired” by a team owner to handle day-to-day operations of their team. Those operations include training coaches, training players, setting lineups, game-day strategies, and playing games.

For the duration of your contract, you will receive a share (determined by the contract/terms you agreed with the team owner) of the token winnings.

Game Assets

Logos and Jerseys

Your basketball team has a personal identity.The name, logo, and jersey distinguish it from all others and make it unique. The jersey sets your team colors, which also affects your game UI.

History and Reputation

Your basketball team has a story and a reputation.
It’s all the memorable moments in history, the accomplishments, records, and legendary staff or players.


Your basketball team has a group of committed followers, called “Fan Base.”
Their number increases or decreases based on your team’s performance and achievements.
This large group is in charge of keeping your players focused and your home games loud.


Your basketball team has facilities that are essential to keep your team ahead of the competition.

  • Arena generates funds and boosts your team’s performance at home games.
  • Scouting HQ determines the level of talent you can find during the draft or free agency.
  • The Training Complex boosts player training speed.
  • The Sports Academy boost training speed for coaches.


Your team will own a squad of players for all positions on the court (C, PF, SF, SG, PG).

These players will leave everything out on the court for you, and it is your responsibility to help them improve their skills and utilize them to their strengths to win games.

Your players will age after every season (played in the Seasons game mode), and eventually retire (some players will continue to live on as coaches after retirement).

It is your goal to help your players reach their potential by matching them with good coaches and facilities so they can train and improve their skills faster.

Every season, you will be able to add new players to your team via the draft.

The level of your scouting facility and the tier you are currently on will have a great impact on the level of players you can draft.

Another way of acquiring new players is by buying them directly in the CHAMPS marketplace from other users.

The top teams in basketball CHAMPS (playing in the top tiers and having better facilities) will be able to scout, recruit, and grow their own superstars.


Your team will own a training staff composed of 3 coach types: head coach and 2 assistants.

Hiring the right coaches and matching them to your players will help boost player abilities, and some coaches will be better than others at training your players.

Hiring coaches is done either by using one of your retired players (if possible, of course), or by finding one in the CHAMPS marketplace.

Player and Coach Potential Levels

Players and coaches have a maximum overall they can reach (potential), that potential is represented in stars

  • 1 Star Potential — with the potential to reach an overall between 50-59.
  • 2 Star Potential — with the potential to reach an overall between 60-69.
  • 3 Star Potential — with the potential to reach an overall between 70–79.
  • 4 Star Potential — with the potential to reach an overall between 80–89.
  • 5 Star Potential — with the potential to reach an overall between 90–99.
Game Modes

Solo and Multiplayer Seasons

Every day, you will be able to play one full season with your team. It will consist of a regular season and playoffs (to determine the champion).

You will earn tokens by winning games, and larger rewards can be won by getting to the playoffs and by advancing as far as you can until, hopefully, you win the championship.

Winning a championship will also grant you a promotion to the next season’s tier.

Promoting to higher tiers will unlock better prizes and rewards and will be vital to upgrading and improving your basketball team.

Multiplayer Ladder

Once you complete your daily season, you will be able to enter the ladder tournament.

A ladder is a medium-length (30–45 day) tournament in which there is a free-for-all leaderboard with huge prizes for teams finishing in the top places.

There is no limit to the number of games you can play in this game mode. Winning more games will give you the edge over other teams to climb to the top of the ladder.

Game Token

The CHAMPS metaverse will be fuelled by a game token (ERC-20) — all games in our metaverse will use the same token.

You will earn it by winning games and championships, completing challenges, or selling players or coaches on the marketplace.

You will be able to invest the token back in your team by upgrading your facilities or by buying players or coaches on the marketplace.

Reaching the top tiers in the season game mode will lead to bigger prizes and rewards that will allow you to improve and upgrade your team, making it a true juggernaut.


The marketplace is a main pillar of the game and the token used on it will be the official game token.

You will be able to sell your assets, players, and coaches, or try and find better players or coaches for your squad.

Here is where your managing style comes into play. Are you building your team slowly by drafting or buying the top talent on the market?

The choice is yours.

Community Oriented

We aim to make the game community-oriented, which means we will listen to our players by organizing governance voting for game features and other key decisions.

That will unite all of us with the same goal in mind, creating an awesome game you can earn on — this will be the great future of the CHAMPS metaverse.

Stay Tuned

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We have a lot of exciting stuff coming up, like partnerships, more information about basketball CHAMPS, game-teasers, and even amazing giveaways, so keep an eye out.




CHAMPS is a play and earn true ownership multiplayer sport simulation where you get to run the entire operation and generate income.